State-of-the-art Waterjet

Waterjet technology is a cold cutting process with unlimited ability to cut through virtually any substrate. Abrasive waterjet can cut materials like metal, steel, ceramic, stone, glass, acrylic and composite into nearly any shape at any thickness. The process creates no heat or stress into the cut materials, greatly improving edges without requiring secondary finishing.

Waterjet = Versatility

Waterjet technology adds great versatility and customization options to our cutting capabilities for both high and low volume projects. With waterjet processes available in-house, we control the quality of work and offer our clients added efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

The cold cutting process also bears green benefits by reducing slag deformation and dross waste, and the garnet used in abrasive cutting is recyclable.

Waterjet production is perfect for:

  • Architectural elements
  • Dimensional Signs
  • Precision Cutting
  • Beveled Cutting
  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Stone & Tile
  • Glass

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